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Quick Tips on How To Brand Your Business

4 Tips on How To Brand Your Business

1 – Define your brand – What sets you apart?
2 – Talk about your brand – promote it on social media
3 – Network with brands in complementary industries
4 – Educate your audience

How do businesses thrive during a recession?

Want to make your business thrive during a recession? Here are five things that you should do:
1 – Shift your mindset.
2 – Analyze your pre-recession sales.
3 – Organize your contact lists.
4 – Enhance your systems.
5 – Deepen your relationships with customers, colleagues, and social media followers.

MARKETING: Don’t Make It A 4 Letter Word

Marketing: don’t make it a 4 letter word will bring clartiy as to why you need to keep marketing during the coronavirus. Provide messaging and video tips and a positive outlook for your business

5 Tips for making a Marketing Plan

How do you make a marketing plan?
1. Step 1: Identify your business goals
2. Step 2: Identify your audience (or audiences)
3. Step 3: Identify your time available for marketing & budget
4. Step 4: Research your industry and or targets see where you can stand out and make an impression
5. Step 5: Make your plan of action

What is a CTA on social media?

A Call To Action (CTA) is when you tell your social media audience to perform a task.
How do you use a Call To Action on Social Media?
1. Ask your audience to comment on your post
2. Tell your audience to like your post
3. Tell your audience to go to your website

Schedule Your Instagram Posts

Schedule posts to Instagram!! No more setting reminders, no more remembering that you forgot to post, no more spontaneous posts! But there is one catch. You can only schedule posts through Instagram partners. Here’s a list of what that entails.  To help you get...

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