Brand Assessment: 7 Branding Questions to assess your business

Brand Assessment: 7 Branding Questions to assess your business

Make an impression through branding!

Have you been viewing your business with rose-colored glasses? Let’s take a closer look at your brand’s image to see if your vision matches your reality!

Here are list of 7 branding questions to ask yourself:

Question 1: Do your materials reflect your brand’s personality? Look closely at the visual image that you are portraying as well as the tone that you are speaking in.

Question 2: Do you have a company logo?

Question 3: Do you have standard colors?

Question 4: Does your customer image match your actual customer?

Question 5: What does your digital footprint look like?

Question 6: How does your image make your customers feel? What about your employees?

Question 7: Does your image match your story?

After you take a close look at what you are doing, compare it to how you want to be seen. If the two visions don’t match, create a plan of action on how you can change that.

Need an outside point of view or help creating a plan of action that won’t cost you a fortune?  Let me know!

Remember branding is more than a fancy marketing word. It sets the tone as to what to expect from you and your company. Your appearance, your tone & your message must support your overall goals.