MARKETING: Don’t Make It A 4 Letter Word


With the coronavirus affecting so many businesses, it may feel like a good time to stop doing when in fact you should do the opposite. Now is the time to market your business to stay in front of your customers and to plan for the future. It is not doom and gloom, in fact now is the time to take a look at your business and tighten up your approach.

Need some inspiration to find the positivity in it all? Watch this one hour webinar with Deanna Robinson from Social Impression and Mike Perlow from Perlow Productions as we provide:

  • clarity on why you should be proactive and not afraid to market your business and continue selling your products/services
  • insight to the internet stats and trends that you can use to your advantage
  • share messaging and video tips so that you can leverage the spike in internet activity and get in front of your audience

Watch MARKETING: Don’t Make It A 4 Letter Word Now!