What are Instagram Notes and How to Use Them? 

Have you checked your Instagram messages lately? If you have, you probably noticed the new note feature hanging out at the top of your screen. So if you are wondering what it is and how to use it, keep reading! 

What Are Instagram Notes? 

Instagram Notes allow you to post a 60-character text message that will last for 24 hours. This makes them ideal for highlighting important information or conveying a short message to your followers.

How To Use Instagram Notes?

Using Instagram notes is easy! All you need to do is open up your Instagram app, click the messages, look at the top near your face, click the “+” icon, and start typing. 

It’s worth noting that people can comment on your note, helping you build an even deeper connection with your followers!

In conclusion, Instagram notes are an exciting option to convey short little notes to your followers. So why not give them a try today? With some creativity, you’re sure to find plenty of ways these little gems can help boost engagement on your profile!